Neoclassical econ is inconsistent with the laws of thermodynamics

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…unless you are already aware of the subdiscipline of ecological economics 🙂 Here’s a recent tweet on an overview paper that might interest you by one of the founders of the fields: From ‘Washington Consensus’ to ‘Green Consensus’ – the ecological econ development paradigm proposal

25 October, 2009 στις 5:59 pm
Από: tassos

Ουάου, blindsided by the customary arrogance of the physicist 🙂
Αλλά πού να βρούμε χρόνο να διαβάσουμε τουίτς, εδώ ξαναρχίσανε τα IPOs!

26 October, 2009 στις 8:53 pm